Orthodontics for all ages

  • Orthodontics for all ages

Orthodontics for all ages

Orthodontics for children

While there is no specific age for initiating orthodontic treatment in children, the Association of American Orthodontists recommends the age of children for consultation with an orthodontist who is about seven years of age.

At this age, most children have a combination of permanent teeth and adult teeth that allow orthodontists to diagnose jaw problems more quickly and without surgery.

Initial treatment allows orthodontist

Improve the jaw of your child to help smooth the permanent teeth.
Adjusts the width of the arch of the upper and lower jaws
For unprotected teeth, create more space
Preventing permanent teeth in later life
Succeeding the sixty finger and helping improve the verbal problems
It’s not easy for parents to always know if their child needs orthodontic treatment

Here are some tips to understand your child’s need for advice from an orthodontist:

Dipping sooner or later Milky tooth
The problem of chewing or biting food
Breathe open mouth
Sucking a finger or sixty
Split teeth, burst and burst
The jaws that hit or when they open and close
Anomalous teeth at the age of seven or eight
Please contact us for planning a consultation and evaluation of orthodontics. Early treatment for your child will bring a beautiful smile to your child right now.

Orthodontics for teens

Brackets, Rittits (Holders) and anything else you want to know about Orthodontics!

You have heard only three words that scare every teen: “You need an orthodontist”

Brackets! What is now WHAT NOW

Do not worry ! The brackets are not as scary as you can imagine. In fact, brackets today are in a variety of materials and colors that make life easier, easier, and even more modern than before.

How long should my braces last in my teeth?

The duration of treatment for your smile with brackets depends on three important factors:

Initial treatment (short term)

Initial treatment allows orthodontists to control jaw growth and recommend orthodontic treatment, if necessary. Not everyone cares for initial orthodontic treatment. In some cases, it is recommended that the patient wait for treatment.

What needs to be corrected, the amount of treatment needed to correct teeth problems will determine the duration of orthodontics. Different patients react differently to treatments.

While the completion of a patient’s treatment may take 12 months, another patient may be 24 months old. The treatment time will quickly respond and your need for the smile you expect can be varied.


Your desire to use orthodontic supplies / accessories plays an important role during your treatment period. Always remember to care for orthodontic appliances using brackets, which will help shorten your treatment.

Orthodontics of your choice

We offer you various types of brackets, models and styles to choose from. Some common options include:

Ceramic bracket
Traditional metal
Orthodontic brackets are a big part of your life for most of your age. While the brackets may have a bad reputation, the brackets look good today and make it feel good.

Please contact us to plan your next orthodontic counseling.

Orthodontics for adults

Orthodontic treatment is no longer for teenagers. In fact, the Association of American Orthodontists states that of every five patients with orthodontics a patient is over 21 years of age. Most adults choose this treatment because they understand the importance of maintaining their health and want to feel better about their appearance. Adults use orthodontic treatment everywhere, and now you can.

Common causes of adults for orthodontic treatment

Misplaced placement of teeth on each other
The teeth are tangled and spaced apart, which causes the gum to rot and discomfort in patients.
Abnormal jaw and compression pain on jaws due to uneven teeth
A greater desire for the health of the mouth and teeth, and having a beautiful smile that gives them confidence.

Options and choices for adult orthodontics:

For most adults, avoiding metal brackets, this can be the reason for delaying orthodontic treatment.


Today, orthodontic treatments come in a variety of devices and brackets with transparent, invisible and very comfortable colors that patients can use, such as:

Transparent brackets
Ceramic brackets
Auto brackets
Braces from the mouth (lingual)
Invisible brackets
Metal brackets

Differences between adult or young adult orthodontics

The most important difference in the treatment of orthodontics in adults and young adults is that children still have bone growth and bone deformity can be controlled and controlled, but in adults bone growth has been proven, and if so, There is a type of jaw abnormality, orthodontic surgery (orthodontic surgery) should be used to arrange teeth. Other disagreements include:

Gingival and bone analysis

Adults are highly susceptible to gingival and bone resorption. For gum ailments, patients with less frequent teeth suffer from this discomfort.

Sucked or missing teeth

Over time, adult teeth

eroding or changing their position that can be solved by orthodontic treatment. Absence of a tooth can damage the position of the adjacent teeth and this itself causes gum discomfort. Semi-complete treatments at early childhood Many adults have had orthodontic treatments during their infancy that have not stopped them and left them halfway through their orthodontics in their adolescence for having beautiful teeth and a great smile. . In our office, it is very much considered that we focus more on the treatment needs of adults and young children, and take full account of their beauty expectations as far as possible. Why should attention be paid to orthodontic treatments? Smooth teeth are definitely healthier. Because they are cleaned with brush and dental floss. Beautiful smile and regular teeth bring high confidence. The teeth and mouth that are left unhealthy give rise to bad and worse conditions for the health of humans, which do not directly affect the health of other organs of the body.

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