Life with orthodontic brackets

  • Life with orthodontic brackets

Life with orthodontic brackets

Now that you have a bracket in your mouth, how do you care?

Understanding the problem of proper care of brackets during orthodontic treatment is important.

Eating with brackets

Do not worry, you can again eat snacks like popcorn and potatoes. However, before you eat some of the things you love, you need more care than any food that may damage orthodontics in your mouth.

Foods that should be avoided in the presence of brackets in the mouth:

Chewable foods: sweets, licorice
Dishes: Popcorn, Chips and …
Sticky foods: Caramel candy, chewing gum
Harsh foods: Nuts, tasty candies
Gastronomic foods: Bilal, Apple, Carrot

Foods you can eat with brackets:

Dairy: Soft cheese, pudding, milk-based drinks
Breads: Soft Corn Bread, Pancakes, Brazers
Cereals: Pasta, soft cooked rice
Meat / Chicken: Soft cooked chicken, meatballs, salami
Seafood: Tuna, Salmon Fish
Vegetables: mashed potatoes, steamed spinach, beans
Fruits: Apple sauce, banana, juice
Edible: Non-Braised Ice Cream, Liquid Ice Cream, Jelly, Soft Cake

Pain caused by brackets and devices

When you first put braces on your teeth, you may feel some pain or pain in your mouth and teeth. This is perfectly normal, and we promise that your mouth will not be wounded forever!

To relieve pain, we advise you to use a spoon of salt dissolved in a glass of lukewarm water. Spin the solution in your mouth for only 2 minutes (do not swallow salt)

If the pain is more intense and can not be relieved after brushing with salt, you can use a denture. The irritation of the lips, species and tongue is not uncommon for one to two weeks until the mouth is used to the brackets.

We are pleased that we can wax to put on the brackets to reduce pain. If you need wax please let us know.

Loose teeth

If you feel a bit loose in your teeth, do not worry. That’s normal! Your braces first need to teeth your teeth to move them to the right position. Once the teeth are moved to the new position, they will not slip.

Wires and loose bands

Wires and bands may loose on the brackets. If this happens, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can check and repair them. If you cut off any part of the device, hold it and bring it to your office.

You can temporarily fix the loose wire using the back of the spoon or the pencil cleaner and move it slowly and precisely.

If the loose wire causes damage to your cheek and lips, you can use wax or some kind of cotton, soak and place on a broken wire to reduce your pain.

Take care of your tools / gadgets

Broken tools can increase the length of your treatment process. After care of all your orthodontic tools. If you are constantly using rubber bands, headgear, rhythms and other orthodontic supplies prescribed by your doctor, your jaws and teeth will move to their proper position.

Exercise with brackets

Play and Race – We have good news for adults!

You can still exercise even during orthodontic treatment! When exercising, we advise you to use a mouth protector to protect your teeth and orthodontics.

If you need help with the best type of oral care, talk to your doctor.

In the case of emergency exercises and non-use of mouth protectors, immediately check your orthodontic mouth and appliances to prevent damage. If you notice any damage to the equipment or a severe tooth loss, please contact the clinic immediately and you can relieve the discomfort temporarily using wax or mouthwash with hot brine.

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