Take care during orthodontic treatment

  • Take care during orthodontic treatment

Take care during orthodontic treatment

Emerjency care

Orthodontic emergencies are rare. But when it happens we are available to you. As a general rule, call the clinic when you have severe pain or problems with orthodontic appliances that you can not solve. We will schedule an appointment to solve your problem.

You may wonder that you can solve your problems temporarily as long as you have access to our office. If a piece is loosened that you can not remove, put it in a plastic bag or envelope and bring it to your office on the next appointment. If the braces cause irritation and inflammation of the tissue in the mouth, you can put some soft wax on it.

If the orthodontic wire is in place, you can direct it with a tweezer to the right and insert the end in a small tube next to the back of the tooth.

It is very important to contact the clinic as soon as possible after reducing your inconvenience so that we can schedule the problem. If the orthodontic wire or damaged device remains in the same position for a long time, it may disrupt the treatment process.


Inflammation and normal pains

When the brackets are placed on your teeth in the first session, you will experience a mild pain and inflammation on the soft tissues, and sometimes even a pressure on the teeth is observed for a few days, which is, of course, temporary. This problem will be resolved by washing mouth and teeth with salt water solution.

In case of pain, use acetaminophen or buphenene. But there are a number of painkillers that make dental movements, such as aspirin. Briefenics (Tyline Null, Advair, and Naproxen Sodium) that are not recommended during orthodontic treatment. Languages and species may inflamerate for a few days by means of wires and brackets, of course they are temporary, and as long as the tongue and species can find their place in the mouth and adapt themselves to orthodontic instruments that you can use from orthodontic wax Use this field.



Sometimes, if you do not use the device as directed by your doctor, it may cause you an uneasiness. If any of the parts of this device make you annoyed or annoyed, be sure to contact the clinic.

Loose devices

If the brackets and bands are loose in your mouth and they are still in place, you can temporarily hold them wax until the next meeting of the office, or if these loose items are completely separated from them, they will be put in a napkin Make a paper and an envelope and bring it to your office at the next meeting


Loose orthodontic wires

If the orthodontic wire has come in place, you can use a tweezers to throw the wire in your place, or you can temporarily close it with a bracket and with a nail clip, you can remove the ends of the wire or Tilt it to the last teeth or if it worsens your wound, fix it with orthodontic wax.




An orthodontic tooth that pushes your lips or your cheek
A pencil can be used to bend the sharp wire, or block the pressure on your cheek and lips by placing wax on it.

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