Complications due to orthodontic abuse by unauthorized persons

  • Complications due to orthodontic abuse by unauthorized persons

Complications due to orthodontic abuse by unauthorized persons

You may have noticed that our doctor is specialized in orthodontic dentistry. While most people have heard about orthodontics, most of them get confused with orthodontic toothbrushes.

Each orthodontist will start his career at the dental school. As soon as the dental school is completed, some graduates enter the profession directly as a dentist. Others continue to pursue their specialization, requiring more education for two to three years of residency. The American Dental Association has not approved a specialist. You are familiar with some of them: dentistry for children (for children), gum disease and dental protective tissues (dentistry focused on gum) and oral surgery.

“Orthodontic expertise and orthodontics” is one of nine specialties. Essentially, while orthodontic tooth movement management involves the oral mandibular orthodontics, which involves conduction of the nerve growth, which occurs most often during childhood. Devices are often used – the more you get more with a brace for orthodontics, and other specialized appliances, such as covers and extenders, that appear to be facial abnormalities. Sometimes orthodontic treatment may be preceded by conventional brackets, but often two simultaneous treatments are used. So if your child uses the bracket and cap, it actually has an oral orthodontic and orthodontic mouth.

Our practitioner with skill in both areas can detect any abnormalities in the teeth and jaw as well as the facial structure, and can plan a treatment that integrates orthodontic and orthodontic procedures.

Note that constant orthodontic treatment is a highly specialized treatment that should be exclusively conducted by a person who holds the name of an orthodontist. Since the acquisition of this specialty requires the passing of an incredibly high entrance examination and during the period of 3 to 4 years of specialized training in prestigious universities, it is obvious that fixed orthodontic treatment is practiced by general dentists, either experimentally or with unofficial multi-day courses They do this, they may have disastrous and sometimes “irreversible” effects.


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