Orthodontic Retainer

  • Orthodontic Retainer

Orthodontic Retainer

You have worked hard for your beautiful smile; keep it the same way

Ultimately, your brackets are removed and your smile is beautiful, smooth and, best of all, cordless! However, the orthodontic is not completely completed. To keep the best smile, you need to use a holder to maintain and maintain the results. Holders are required to control or limit potential changes in the position of the tooth. After the treatment, they are used to keep the teeth at their correct level, while the gums, bones and muscles are adjusted in the new stabilization of your teeth


Types of Retainer

The holders are custom and can be fixed or animated

Traditional movable holders usually include metal wire that surrounds the tooth and is attached to an acrylic arc located on the roof of the mouth. Metal wires can be adjusted to complete the treatment and keep small teeth moving as needed

Lightweight equalizer holders, or ASX presets, look similar to those with a light cradle, and provide a more elegant option than wired holders. This lightening holder is fixed throughout your entire arc of your teeth, or just from the clamp to the other clamp. The holder of your newly-aligned teeth will be made

Stationary holders are made up of closed wires behind the upper or lower teeth. While this machine usually does not require more than one year after pulling the wisdom teeth, it is often kept in place for lifeAgreements and disagreements

Moving holders can be eaten and routinely sanitized

Moving holders can easily be lost, so remember whenever you eat or brush it

It’s a great fix if you do not want to look for it, or do not want to worry about how to use it on the day

The teeth with fixed holders require a little more attention to remove the mass during the use of the dental floss. Patients with permanent holders should often use dental floss to remove the mass of the tooth in the middle of the small gap between the retainer and the treatment

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